Welcome to GCGCNY | 欢迎來到北約恩典福音堂

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If you are new to Grace Chinese Gospel Church you may like to find out what kind of church we are and what we can offer you. Our church vision is “To glorify God as a cell-based church passionately multiplying disciples locally and worldwide.” Therefore our primary objective is to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by multiplying disciples of Christ. We want to help people to experience the abundant life in Christ by being followers of Christ. In order to fulfill this objective we have adopted the cell ministry model. Through cell ministry we seek to help people to experience freedom in Christ, to be built up in the faith, and to be equipped to serve others. We seek to live out faith, hope, and love in a community of disciples. Through such community we also seek to be transforming agents in the world.
We offer our service to people of all ages who speak English, Cantonese, or Mandarin. Feel free to check out each congregation and each ministry. Grace Chinese Gospel Church is a member of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada, an association of evangelical churches. We would love to have you join us.


若你初接觸北約恩典福音堂,你會問我們教會有什麼特色和可以提供什麼事工。我們教會的異象是「小組植根、門徒倍增、遠近宣揚、榮神頌恩」。所以,中心目的是遵照主耶穌的大使命來倍增主的門徒。我們盼望多人跟隨主耶穌,享受豐盛的生命。為了達到這個目的,我們採取細胞小組事工模式,藉著細胞小組事工, 我們幫助每人經歷基督裏的自由、被建立成長、接受培訓來服侍其他人。我們盼望能在這群體生活中活出「信、望、愛」,和藉著這群體在世上作鹽作光。


若你初接触北约恩典福音堂,你会问我们教会有什么特色和可以提供什么事工。我们教会的异象是「小组植根、门徒倍增、远近宣扬、荣神颂恩」。所以,中心目的是遵照主耶稣的大使命来倍增主的门徒。我们盼望多人跟随主耶稣,享受丰盛的生命。为了达到这个目的,我们采取细胞小组事工模式,藉著细胞小组事工, 我们帮助每人经历基督里的自由、被建立成长、接受培训来服侍其他人。我们盼望能在这群体生活中活出「信、望、爱」,和藉著这群体在世上作盐作光。

Our church is committed to excellence in serving everybody including people with disabilities. Our Accessible Customer Service Plan is available upon request.