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News:  Apr 8,2021

Thank you my dear KLS children for your wonderful Easter Egg designs!  They are all so unique and special, we couldn't pick a winner this time.  You are all amazing winners!

亲爱的KLS孩子,  谢您出色的复活节彩蛋设计! 他们如此独特和有心思,

News: Mar 12,2020

News about the Coronavirus had been around for a few months now… I have been living my life pretty much as I did before, except for paying more attention to hygiene, avoid crowded places, and praying for the situation. But today, when the announcement was made for schools to be closed 2 weeks after March Break, I realize things are moving to the next stage rapidly…

How are you feeling about the situation? How are you preparing yourself & your family for this challenge? Three weeks ago, I visited 2 classrooms on a Sunday, and collected a total of 33 prayer requests from the children… 15 of these requests were about the Coronavirus! The children were concerned about this virus before it was even called a pandemic. What are we doing to support them, help them, and comfort them?Here are a few ideas to help families face this challenge together:

  • Pray together – During this time of trouble, it is important for children to express their feelings, and to lift up their worries to God. Assure them that God always listen, and will answer our prayers.
  • Worship from home – To prevent the virus from spreading, there is a possibility for worship and cell groups to be conducted online in case of an outbreak. In response, I encourage you to lead family worship… and keep it simple! Ask older children to search up a few worship songs; let younger children contribute by picking a Bible Story they like or to say prayers; adults can prepare some Scripture reading and sharing for the family. There are also extra resources at Orangekidmin.com. Enjoy!
  • Sunday School from home – Families that really care about the spiritual growth of their children might worry about their kids missing Sunday School lessons when they are home-bound. We are glad that there’s an easy solution for this: The Orange, the curriculum we are using at Grace, has an App called Parent Cue, which provides Sunday school materials every week. Parents can use this App to watch Bible lesson video with their children, learn the theme verse together, and follow discussion topics as provided. In case you haven’t done so, simply follow these steps to get the app: 1. search up “Parent Cue App” 2. download the App onto your smart phone 3. enter “Grace Chinese Gospel Church” when prompted 4. provide you child’s age for age-appropriate lessons and materials 5. repeat steps 4 if you have more than one child
  • Screen Time… Scream Time – Many parents are struggling with how much time their young ones spend in front of the screen, sometimes making them want to scream! If you want to be prepared for an outbreak, other then making sure you got enough toilet paper at home, consider stocking up on plenty of reading materials or craft materials for your children, or maybe some board games that would be fun for both adults and kids! This way, the children don’t have to rely on a screen to have fun. Also, if your family is home-bound, a cleaning or home-improvement project can be a great activity to bring the family together! Hint: discuss your plans with the children, encouraging them to share their ideas of what works for them… this way, they will likely be happy to participate! I hope these ideas would help! Feel free to contact me via email for further discussion or sharing. May the Lord lead you and your family through all the daily challenges, and grant you His love and peace in you heart despite the difficulties this pandemic brings!

Blessings, Pastor Eva [eva.poon@gcgcny.org]





  • 一同祷告 – 当患难临到时,小孩子很需要有机会把情绪分享出来,学习把这些困恼的事情交托给神。让我们跟他们一同祷告,又让他们知道神是听祷告的。
  • 在家中崇拜 – 為防止病毒擴散,我們可能要停止在敎會相聚。若是如此,我鼓勵大家在家裏進行家庭崇拜,就是簡單一點也可!譬如说:讓高班孩子們在網上找尋他們喜歡的敬拜詩歌跟家人分享;讓小孩子們選擇喜歡聽的聖經故事或開聲禱告;家長可以選擇讀一些經文,分享當中的意思和亮光…大家一同學習,一同成長!其他兒童崇拜資料,可在網上 Orangekidmin.com  搜索。
  • 在家中的主日学 – 关心孩子属灵生命的家长,或会担心「若不上教会便没有主日学的学习」。主日学的事工当然十分重要,但如果各人必须留在家中,我们也有别的途径,让孩子们在家中学习圣经。恩典堂现在所用的敎材 “Orange” 设有一个名叫 “Parent Cue” 的应用程式,让大家可在家中透过它找到每星期主日学的材料。这样,大家便可跟孩子一同看看圣经故事的视频,一起背诵经金句,亦可以跟着所建议的题目作些讨论。若你尚未下载这程式,下面提供简单的步骤:
    1. 搜索 Parent Cue App 應用程式
    2. 下載應用程式到你的智能手機
    3. 提供孩子的歲數,讓你收到孩子班別的資料
    4. 輸入教會的名字 Grace Chinese Gospel Church
    5. 若你有多過一個孩子,請重覆第4步。
  • 屏幕大过天 – 现代人的生活中,常常看着屏幕。孩子们无论是打游戏、看视频或跟朋友聊天,总是「机不离手」,引来很多的亲子开关系中的矛盾、纷争。因此我建议,为了待在家中的日子作好准备,不但要去超市买卫生纸,亦当考虑买一些儿女爱看的书、手工的材料及棋盘游戏等。这样,孩子们便不用依靠屏幕来提供娱乐逍遣。另外,若家庭不能外出的话,也可以一起做些有用的事,例如清洁或布置家居,整理一下家中的旧东西等。这些活动让大家同心合力,也令家居变得更舒适,可说是百利而无一室害呢!小提示: 若你希望儿女参与这些活动和家务,可以在策划的过程中多听取他们的意见和要求;这样,他们愿意跟你合作的机会应会大大提升的哟!

希望以上的主意对你有帮助吧!如果有其他问题 想要跟我讨论、分享的话,可用电邮跟我联络。愿主带领你和你的家,不论环境如何,让你们心中都充满著主自己的爱和平安!愿主祝福你!

潘传道[eva.poon@gcgcny.org]  二零二零年三月十二日


過去數月裡,雖然不停接收有關新冠肺炎的資訊,但我個人的生活中,除了多留意衛生、減少外出、及為疫情禱告之外,生活跟平常並沒太大分別。但今天聽見學校要在3月份停課的消息後,忽然感到,原來多倫多的疫情已經進入另外一個階段了! 你此刻的心情如何呢?你如何為自己及家人作好準備,面對這個挑戰呢? 三個星期前,我到兩個KLS班房裏,請孩子們把心中的代禱事項寫給我,好讓我為他們代禱。在33份代禱事項當中,共有15個是有關新冠病毒的祈求... 原來我們中間的孩子們,都在擔心這疫情呢!我們當如何在他們身邊支持、幫助和安慰他們呢? 以下有幾個主意,希望能夠幫助大家面對這挑戰:

  • 一同禱告 – 當患難臨到時,小孩子很需要有機會把情緒分享出來,學習把這些困惱的事情交託給神。讓我們跟他們一同禱告,又讓他們知道神是聽禱告的。
  • 在家中崇拜 – 為防止病毒擴散,我們可能要停止在敎會相聚。若是如此,我鼓勵大家在家裏進行家庭崇拜,就是簡單一點也可!例如:讓高班孩子們在網上找尋他們喜歡的敬拜詩歌跟家人分享;讓小孩子們選擇喜歡聽的聖經故事或開聲禱告;家長可以選擇讀一些經文,分享當中的意思和亮光…大家一同學習,一同成長!其他兒童崇拜資料,可在網上 Orangekidmin.com 搜索。
  • 在家中的主日學 – 關心孩子屬靈生命的家長,或會擔心 「若不上教會便沒有主日學的學習」。主日學的事工當然十分重要,但如果各人必須留在家中,我們也有別的途徑,讓孩子們在家中學習聖經。恩典堂現在所用的敎材 “Orange” 設有一個名叫 “Parent Cue” 的應用程式,讓大家可在家中透過它找到每星期主日學的材料。這樣,大家便可跟孩子一同看看聖經故事的視頻,一起背誦經金句,亦可以跟著所建議的題目作些討論。若你尚未下載這程式,下面提供簡單的步驟:
    1. 搜索 Parent Cue App 應用程式
    2. 下載應用程式到你的智能手機
    3. 提供孩子的歲數,讓你收到孩子班別的資料
    4. 輸入教會的名字 Grace Chinese Gospel Church
    5. 若你有多過一個孩子,請重覆第4步。
  • 屏幕大過天 – 現代人的生活中,常常看着屏幕。孩子們無論是打遊戲、看視頻或跟朋友聊天,總是「機不離手」,引來很多的親子開關係中的矛盾、紛爭。因此我建議,為了待在家中 的日子作好準備,不但要去超市買廁紙,亦當考慮買一些兒女愛看的書、手工的材料及棋盤游戲等。這樣,孩子們便不用依靠屏幕來提供娛樂逍遣。另外,若家庭不能外出的話,也可以一起做些有用的事,例如清潔或佈置家居,整理一下家中的舊東西等。這些活動讓大家同心合力,也令家居變得更舒適,可說是百利而無一室害呢!小提示: 若你希望兒女參與這些活動和家務,可以在策劃的過程中多聽取他們的意見和要求;這樣,他們願意跟你合作的機會應會大大提升的 。

希望以上的主意對你有幫助吧!如果有其他問題想要跟我討論、分享的話,可用電郵跟我聯絡。願主帶領你和你的家面對每天的挑戰,不論環境如何,讓你們心中都充滿著主自己的愛和平安! 願主祝福你! 潘傳道 [eva.poon@gcgcny.org]二零二零年三月十二日