This page contains confidential information on the policies and procedures of the church. Please do not view or download any of the following documents if you are not granted permission or authority by the GCGC board. Thank you.

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2) When updating any policies, make sure the Policy Index is also updated.

P00 Policy Index
P01 revA Pastoral Counselling Polices Guidelines and Code of Ethics
P02 revA Theological Students Financial Encouragement and Internship Policy
P03 revA Mission Policy
P03A revA Mission Policy STM
P04 revA Premarital Counselling Policy
P05 revA Divorce and Remarriage Policy
P06 revA Facility Booking and Usage Policy and Guideline
P07 revA Equipment Usage Policy
P08 revA Fire Alarm Procedures
P09 revA Key Control Policy
P10 revA Finance Policies and Procedures
P10E revA Staff Benefit Policy-2002 revised
P10F revA Meal and Auto Reimbursement Policy
P11 revA Vacation and Leave Policies
P12 revA Training Subsidy Policy
P13 revA Computer Usage Policy
P14 revA Internet Access Policy
P15 revA Privacy Policy
P16 revA Emergency Help Fund Policy
P17 revA Anti-Harassment Policy