The church has introduced e-transfer as a digitized channel accepting donation.  You could send money from account of your financial institute to the church account in a secure way through online or mobile banking.

To give using Interac e-Transfer please use this email address to send your donation to

In the note/message text box of your transaction request, please follow the below format:

Name ( ) Offering # ( ) GF (nnnnn) BLD (nnnnn) …..

Please indicate what fund(s) you want your donation to go to after the offering # field.
E.g : If your donations is $100 your note/message could say

Name (Peace Chan) Offering # (0123) GF (50) , BLD (25), STM(25)

or any other combination of amounts and funds you would like to support.

Fund Code:
A. General Fund (GF)
B. Short Term Missions(STM)
C. Building Fund (BLD)
D. Food Bank (FDS)

Any donations made without a fund code will be considered a ‘General Fund’ (GF).
Please follow the above format because some banks’ systems might not accept other special characters in message, e.g. * / – $ etc.

Important Tax Information:
To receive donation receipt after year end, it is recommended that you have an offering # to donate through e-transfer.  Otherwise in the offering # field, put in your full name, full address, email, and telephone number.

For any inquiries or questions regarding eTransfer, please email or call Tel 416 499 0111 x 101.