Everyone must at all times diligently follow:
Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus:

  1. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer frequently
  2. Maintain physical distancing (>2m)
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  5. Stay informed and follow government directives.
  6. If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, call your doctor or Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000.

So far, as far as we know, no one in our church has been infected with Covid-19. Everyone returning from travel outside of Canada needs to self-isolate for 14 days.

All church meetings are now held virtually.

The Sunday 945am Cantonese and Mandarin Worships and the 1130am English Worship will be continue to be live-streamed from the church to the church website (www.gcgcny.org). There will be a maximum of 4 people at each worship. The format of each worship will be decided by each lead pastor. Preparations will be made for the possible scenarios in which less people are allowed together.

The pastoral staff will be at the church one day weekly, Tues – Fri. A prayer hot line will be opened 4 hours per day (Tues-Fri) to allow people to call in for pastoral care and prayer. Details will be posted on the church website.

The Grace Community Food Share (GCFS) will continue. Food will be delivered to clients with guidelines in place to ensure the safety of clients and volunteers. Please see the GCFS website (https://gracefoodbank.ca/) for details.

Since the City of Toronto has announced the closure of all parks and baseball diamonds, the softball season will most likely be cancelled or further delayed. We are waiting for official statement from CCSA to announce next steps.

While physical in-person caring for each other will be curtailed, we encourage everyone to continue caring for each other using virtual means with special attention to the vulnerable – eg. seniors, those with chronic illness or disabilities, those with decreased immunity, the poor etc.

People in need can contact admin@gcgcny.org or (416) 499-0111.

Everyone is encouraged to check the church website regularly for updates.  Please send your email address to info@gcgcny.org to receive regular communication from the church.

Offering through etransfer has been set up.  Please see the church website for instructions.

The Covid-19 Crisis Response Team welcomes your feedback, comments, suggestions and questions.  We strive to reflect our values of love, faith, hope, unity, truth and transparency in this process and in our decisions and implementation.  Our contact is: admin@gcgcny.org  (416) 499-0111 x 101.

Thank you, trust in our Lord and keep safe,
TK – team lead and representing the church Board of Directors
Rev Chan – representing the church staff
Queenie – representing the Cantonese congregation
Edwin – representing the Mandarin congregation
Sylvia – representing the English congregation
Felicity – representing the Children congregation


  • 經常洗手,使用潔手劑
  • 保持社交距離(至少兩米)
  • 避免接觸眼、鼻、口
  • 咳嗽和打噴嚏時請用衣袖或紙巾遮掩
  • 請留意並跟從政府的指引
  • 若你有發燒、咳嗽和呼吸困難,請盡快致電安省熱線尋求醫務協助 1-866-797-0000







有需要協助人士,可電郵聯絡 admin@gcgcny.org 或致電 (416) 499-0111。



歡迎大家向應變小組提出查詢、意見和回饋。我們盼望在訂定和執行各項措施的過程中,能反映和高舉愛、信心、盼望、合一、合乎真理和高透明度等價值觀。聯絡我們,可電郵admin@gcgcny.org 或致電 (416) 499-0111內線 101。


黃達琨執事TK (董事會代表)
陳訓民牧師Fanco (教牧代表)
高譚綺萍姊妹Queenie (粵語事工代表)
司徒靜姬姊妹 Sylvia (英語事工代表)
葛非執事 Edwin (國語事工代表)
陳張筱敏執事 Felicity (兒童事工代表)